System Features

The system features set above the others.
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State-of-the-art features and technologies
Accessible from any Internet-connected computer
Enjoy the security of off-site information storage!
Advanced features for convenient data maintenance
Easy access through a wide array of data retrieval options
Track purchases, sales, and the value of your collection
Share your information with friends and fellow hobbyists
Easy to use Report Writer lets you define the reports you want
Take your collection information with you on your PDA!
Developed by railroading hobbyists and computer professionals

State-of-the-art features and technologies is a complete inventory system designed especially for the model-railroading collector. Its unparalleled capabilities are based on a unique combination of system design features and Internet technology.

Starting with a database designed for the hobby, data is organized in a meaningful and useful way. Advanced features provide techniques that ease the drudgery of data entry and promote complete and consistent information. Flexible data retrieval, report formatting, file extraction and download capabilities make the system extremely useful for managing and sharing information about your collection.

Because the system is Internet-based, your information is available to you or anyone else you choose at any time on any Internet-connected computer. There is never a need to download or maintain software, back-up data files, or perform any of the other chores often associated with PC-based systems. As an additional benefit, when system upgrades and new releases are available, you get them automatically the next time you sign on without any additional work. Everything is handled for you professionally and securely on our commercial grade Internet server.

Accessible from any Internet-connected computer
Because your collection is maintained on the Internet, you can sign on from any Internet-connected computer to review or maintain your collection information. You can access your collection from virtually anywhere – home, work, a friend’s house, or a hobby shop. The most up-to date information about your collection is always available to you wherever a computer can be connected to the Internet.

Enjoy the security of off-site information storage
With, your collection information is stored on our commercial grade website server. We back up files daily so that you never have to remember to back up your own files again. Collection information is password protected and shared only with those you choose to share it with. And should anything ever happen to your computer, your data is still available to you from any other Internet-connected computer.

You automatically have an off-site backup for insurance records or any other purpose you may need.

Advanced features for convenient data maintenance
We understand that entering information about a large collection can be tedious. We have added several features to simplify this. Customizable field edit tables reduce keystrokes and ensure consistency, accuracy and organization. Furthermore, we offer a number of options to allow cloning similar item and inventory records – you only have to enter the information that is different. For a future release, we are working with manufacturers to provide us with a product information database. This would enable the system to automatically fill in all the information about each item when you enter only the manufacturers’ name and product number.

Easy access through a wide array of data retrieval options
With the advanced database features of, you can search your collection and select records by virtually any field or content. The on-line “Select Records” capability allows you to specify exactly what records you want displayed. We also have advanced options for report writing and/or downloading custom-selected information from your collection to your computer or handheld PDA device.

Track purchase, sales, and the value of your collection
A model railroad collection is a dynamic thing! The use of a state-of-the-art inventory tracking system helps you keep on top of your collection. We have designed the inventory database to allow collection of purchase, sales and value information on every item you own. A separate “value” field lets you maintain this important attribute independently of purchase cost or a sales price you might offer. This could prove invaluable for insurance purposes or simply as an evaluation of the asset a large collection can represent.

Share information with your friends and fellow hobbyists offers Internet access to your collection in a number of ways. As the owner of the collection, you have your own personal sign-on and password that gives you complete control over access and maintenance of your information. Beyond that, you can create additional sign-on and password combinations that can be used by others to view selected data on your database. For each additional sign-on combination you create, you can specify full ” view only” access to your entire collection, limit access to items marked “Wish List” (a great way to nicely tell others what you really are looking for in a gift), or limit your visitors to perusing only those items you have marked “For Sale.”

Easy to use report writer lets you define reports you want lets you create and print reports from any Internet-connected computer without any additional software or data files. Your subscription includes a highly functional and versatile report writer located on the website. In addition to “Predefined Reports” included with the system, you can customize many additional reports and store these report request definitions at your site. You can specify your own titles, data record content, display fields, and sort sequences. You can also request record counts and summation of numeric information such as Cost or Value at multiple subtotal levels as well as a grand total. Think of all the useful information about your collection you can now extract, print, and take with you anywhere.

Take your collection information with you on your PDA
With so many advances in hand-held personal digital assistants (PDA), many people are using these modern wonders of convenience to keep track of almost everything. now makes it possible for you to take your inventory with you on your PDA.

Imagine going to a train show or hobby shop and seeing a locomotive you think would be a great addition to your collection. Your only problem is you aren’t sure whether you already have the same engine or one almost like it, but with a different road number. Or maybe the locomotive is on your wish list, but you wonder how the price compares with what you have seen elsewhere. Since you have your inventory downloaded to your PDA, you simply do a quick look-up and get the answer you need. Like the advanced report writer capability, also has included the ability to define and download customized files to your PDA or other digital device. If you avoid buying just one duplicate locomotive, you could easily save more than the cost of the system.

Developed by railroading hobbyists and computer professionals represents state-of-the-art Internet-based technology because its developers have been serious hobbyists and/or professional computer system developers for many years.

Based on our many years of experience and our perceived need for a model train inventory system, we have developed, which combines features that collectors find useful with the newest technologies. This system provides these features reliably and economically over the Internet.

Our commitment is to an ongoing evolution of this product based upon what our community of hobbyists and collectors tell us they want as additional features while capitalizing on evolving technologies. As professional systems developers, we understand the need to stay close to our customers to ensure the system will meet their needs now and for years to come.