Technical Details

The system is comprised of three major components:

  • A web site, hosted on a commercial class secure web server, makes the system available to any internet-connected computer.
  • A relational database contains each member’s collection and inventory
  • Internet application programs perform user requested tasks including processing and formatting inventory database information. utilizes a relational database located on the website host to store all information about its subscribers and their collections:

The primary application uses a multiple file relational database.

  • One file contains item-related information.
  • The second file contains one or more inventory records for each item to describe one or more occurrences of the item.
  • A set of edit tables for performing field validity edits on certain fields is provided for each subscriber.

Subscriber related information is securely stored in a separate database. We do not retain credit card information after the enrollment transaction.

These application programs are grouped in five sections:

  • Record retrieval programs find and display records from the database.
  • Record addition pages allow entering new data records from blank input forms or by cloning copies of existing records.
  • Data maintenance capabilities allow changing of existing information.
  • Report writing capabilities allow members to define and create reports on the information contained in their database.
  • Data downloading capabilities allow members to define selection criteria, field contents, and sort sequences for data extractions and downloads for many purposes including extractions of data for portable computers and PDA devices.

Further descriptive information may also be found in the Help section, particularly the Application Guide and the Database Guide portions of this section.