We are sorry to inform you that


has reached its end of its line.

Like so many "fallen flags" of the past, we ran out of money while new technologies have left us behind. Unfortunately, Oracle Corporation has just eliminated support for the Java programming techniques that were originally used to develop the system back in 2001. Reprogramming the system is simply unaffordable at this time.

We do appreciate that many customers have invested a lot of time in building their collection database and so we have built a utility program that will allow customers to download their information in a format readily imported by Excel or similar spreadsheet programs.

Please click on the link: http://dl.trackmytrains.com and sign in with the same name and password that you have used with TrackMyTrains.com. past.

Using this utility requires the following environment on your PC (similar to as required for TrackMyTrains.com):

  1. The site does not require Java, but does require JavaScript and the latest Internet Explorer (IE), Chrome or Firefox browser. It will not work on older versions of IE.
  2. User must allow cookies (this is the default)

We apologize that we don't have a better solution to offer but hope that this will give you a chance to stay organized using the data that you have entered.


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